10 best things about Freelancing platforms


There are many business organizations out there that tend to rely on agencies instead of professional individuals for varied tasks like designing a new website, writing contents for a newsletter or develop a new business plan mostly because agencies are easier to contact and are also the first thing to pop up when they Google “web designs in Chicago” for instance. There are many benefits one can only get from professional service providers that many business owners, especially small companies, could only gain from these individuals who are also known as freelancers.

  1. The cost – freelancing is mostly known for its cheaper prices. When compared to agencies, hiring freelancers for a specific project will help you save in terms of overhead costs as well as traveling expenses, for most freelancers work from home.
  2. Simplicity – compared to agencies that handle various projects at one time, freelancers will limit their tasks to only a few. This means that an assigned project will receive all the necessary focus and attention until its completion.
  3. Availability – freelancers often work into odd hours like the weekends and even at nights. When looking for professionals for a task at hand, you would almost always find someone available, unlike agencies who only work on weekdays and are limited in taking tasks.
  4. Better communications – hiring an agency would almost always mean that you will be dealing with an account manager who will receive instructions and then relay them to their staff. With freelancers you get to tell them straight what you want and they will cater the jobs to meet your personal requirements.
  5. Specific skills – freelancers are often categorized according to their skill set. When you hire one for a project of yours, you hire his or her specific skills that are relevant to your project while agencies will include cost of employing staffs into their rates, despite those staffs having no part in your particular project.
  6. Appreciation – freelancers work from task to task, and work on them one at a time. This means a job that they receive will always be the most important thing at hand. They do not prioritize their tasks according to their clients, like most agencies do.
  7. Saves time – a task that is handed to a freelancer can usually have shorter deadlines because A – they are used to working with deadlines and B – by directly dealing with them your requirements for a task is implemented immediately.
  8. Network of freelancers – while hiring agencies provide an employer with resources and funds that the agency will use to complete a project, a freelancer will have an arsenal of other freelancers with varying skills whom they can rely on. This means you may have other professional individuals working on your assignment.
  9. You already hired a freelancer – one thing you should know about agencies is that they too hire freelancers. So if you have hired an agency to work on your website for instance, odds a freelancer has already worked on it. So cut the time and contact a freelancer directly instead.
  10. Specific expertise – compared to agencies who boast on varied skills and many different specializations, a freelancer focuses his or her skills to one specific field. If you hire one, you can rest assured that you hire the right person for the job.

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