Why to avoid social media for hiring freelancers?


Hiring freelancers often requires a proper channel in order for an employer to land the right person for the job. This is because a freelancer is a professional individual that will work on various tasks as demanded by a client. A freelancer will try to portray and display his or her skills through platforms that will provide them with the proper credibility that will let them continue getting tasks from clients. It is for this reason that other channels other than freelancer agencies may not be reliable for your projects.

A social media platform is one prime example for a bad channel to hiring freelancers. While there are many things that may look attractive through social media sites, they also spell inconveniences in many ways. For starters, a freelancer advertising his or her trades through a social media profile is often seen by the public. This means they can respond to client’s demands and questions through public channels. As an employer you run the risk of disclosing sensitive information to the public when contacting a freelancer. While you may understand the importance of being discreet, other freelancers may not do so immediately.

Social media sites may be great to gain seemingly versatile and informal freelancers, but when compared to freelancers registered at agencies they lack one very important thing; rating. Registering at agencies provide freelancers with recommendations and rating for his or her performance on a particular task. The ones on social media platforms may not be able to achieve this. They can ask past clients to write something nice about them, but they might not always get it. Agencies will rate their hired freelancers according to their past performance, so employers can see for themselves how good of a worker a freelancer is.

Social media sites may also seem more irrelevant when searching for specific skills and expertise. You would have to rely on your searching skills to acquire individuals that are truly verified for the job you have. Agencies on the other hand provide freelancers according to categories. They rate them and classify them according to skills which are certified to be reliable and for professionalism. This means their skills are real and recognized, not self-called like most social media site freelancers.

If you want the best for your assignments, like most people do, you would go through the proper channels in order to gain reliable freelancers that are acknowledged by a formal body. This is what it means to look through certified channels like www.sitepandit.com. Register today and start looking for professional service providers that are trusted and worth the money.